about dead-end

dead-end is a personal website dedicated to my interests.

This includes stuff like: visual & narrative design, media analysis, music, video games, online communities, food, photography, art history, etc.

The site was conceptualized in summer 2022 as yansui.neocities.org after a friend brought up the concept of Neocities. The months that followed saw some developments (including a change to eventual.neocities.org) only for the site to be put on the backburner for about eight months.

During this time, various attempts at understanding optimal web design and development were made only for me to realize I should probably just start throwing stuff up to learn through practice. So in summer 2023, I finally got around to actually setting up the site with a couple other webdev-interested friends.

about the creator

You can call me Even if you don't already know me.

I grew up lurking around niche internet spaces. I learned to draw from it but never got into the fanart business, instead taking interest in things like gacha games and mid heist movies.

I have a pretty deadpan sense of humor, so if I say something that sounds nonsensical, I'm probably just kidding. Feel free to ask for clarification on anything I say. I'll have an email here eventually to make it easier to do so.

I really like listening to "that kill yo self white boy music", as my friend put it.

other trivia if you're so inclined

  • I'm lactose intolerant.
  • My stomach is sensitive to the point where it will start killing me if I ate too much oily food, I moved too much after eating, the temperature around me changed too fast, the vibe shifted, I ate a banana, etc.
  • I eat very slowly and I take pretty long showers.
  • Aesthetically, I enjoy it when things appear functional (keyword being "appear"). So I'll take pictures of trains and weapons and stuff as well as the usual nice sunset photos.
  • I'm a big fan of unedited photography. I love food photography / illustration.
  • White text on black background hurts my eyes more than black on white, so I usually use light mode if it's available. White on dark gray is fine though.
  • I developed a physical tic back in 2022 where I get randomly cycling urges to press hard on certain fingers whenever I use a keyboard. This generally isn't a problem until it happens in the middle of a multiplayer video game session.
  • I'm majoring in game design. I probably should've picked something prestigious like business or computer science but whatever.
  • I'm 5'3 / 160cm and really mad about it.
  • I am obsessed with constantly editing my sentences to make sure they flow the best they can, so if you see text on the site changing ever so slightly, it's probably not your imagination.

More to come someday. (Like blinkies and whatnot.)

last updated 01 november 23.