past updates

10 march 23. After some domain struggles, the site is working on Teacake hosting! Great! Nothing's changed in terms of content, but I'll be significantly less insane when I work on this site for the foreseeable future. I'll try to get around to SSI when I'm back from break.

06 february 23. Edited home & about page content. Added highlight spans, styled scrollbars, converted CSS hex codes to variables. Changed pagedolls to make visuals more cohesive.

05 february 23. I forgot what I did today because I was sleep deprived. I was probably just tidying up the CSS and making the temporary layout look nicer.

04 february 23. Minor visual adjustments, set up easy float images, got the mobile pagedoll working. Created a page template and (hopefully) fixed the issues it revealed about my min-, max-, and other width/heights. Wrote some stuff for the home & about pages. It actually looks like a site now, that's exciting.

31 january 23. Imported fonts, adjusted line height, improved mobile layout. Started using Brackets. Unrelatedly, I had to wrestle with local file previews refusing to load assets unless I put a "." in front of the path. I don't know what this fix really does but sure, I'll use it.

30 january 23. Inserted placeholder pagedoll, fixed up navbar & styleswitcher, added scrollbox class, wrote this and all previous updates. Uploaded everything to Neocities (which hadn't really been updated since 08/22), then improved mobile layout.

29 january 23. Sat down and actually understood flexbox somewhat. Fixed up sidebar & main container; set up pagedoll, navbar, & styleswitcher divs; added footer, inserted placeholder text, set up media query.

20 january 23. Back for real (after ~5 months of claiming I'd work on the site). I didn't get much done due to a stomachache, but at least the header & main container are working.

13 january 23. Created layout mockups for the new site look. Both PC and mobile versions were considered this time. I then realized Atom sunsetted and started agonizing over finding a new editor instead of actually coding.